Welcome To Write This Way

Your Personal Essay Partner

Write This Way can be your college essay partner, by your side discovering and communicating the real you: your deep-down talents, dreams, and energy that make you stand out from the rest! In four two hour (consecutive or weekly) sessions we help you learn about yourself, discover the hidden stories of your life, and guide you in how to show your vision, depth, and the way you think in a vivid, crisp, and clear personal college essay. We do this by awakening memories from your life encounters and with enjoyable exercises in which you learn to deliver anecdotes and describe experiences. We will have group consultations during the week and some Saturday mornings. We don’t tell you what to write, but help you find your voice so that you can write your unique story.

Group and individual sessions begin this spring! 


The Essay in College Admissions

At a conference about the college application process at Fordham University, Dr. Patricia Peek, Fordham’s associate dean of admissions, emphasized that decision makers want to know "the student’s writing skills, how well he or she answers the essay questions, what insights the written answers provide, and whether the essay communicates a voice and provides a sense of why the applicant wants to be on our campus. We want to know who you are, why you’re a good fit, and whether you expressed it beautifully.” At the same conference, Matthew Greene, a leading educational consultant, added, “Since there are more applicants than ever before, admission teams are looking at essays first when they open the {application} packet.”

"A well-crafted, heartfelt and authentic essay can make a difference in whether a student is admitted or denied.
With all other things being equal, yes (the essay) absolutely can matter".
-Assistant Provost and Dean of Admissions at Vanderbilt~